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Objet Sportif & Stade Connecté

In the current health context, the MEL and the partners of the "Objet Sportif & Stade Connecté" call for projects offer additional time to allow participants to prepare their applications. Applicants have until 22 May to send in their applications and until 26 June to send in their complete files.

As part of the development of the new sector of excellence dedicated to the sports market (1200 billion euros worldwide), the MEL, in partnership with, the CITC and the BPI, are launching the call for projects “Objet Sportif et Stade Connecté” (sports object and connected stadium).

The call for projects is open to private sector structures operating in Europe: project leaders, start-ups, SMEs, associations as well as public structures resulting from academic research such as universities and research organizations.

With this call for projects, the partners aim to :

  • Host on the territory, new companies or project leaders who invest or want to invest in the sports market;
  • Promote encounters between structures and companies in order to develop a solution/product integrating complementary technological bricks;
  • Develop prototypes that can become innovative products to be marketed to the sports industry and in particular to the customers of (international sports federations, professional leagues and clubs, sports event organizers);
  • Provide additional services to companies and start-ups in the region and complementary to the support already provided by the "sites of excellence", by enabling the selected project leaders to use the Stadium Lille Metropole to test their prototypes/products/solutions with the Stadium's testing communities.

Support to winners

The 3 winners will benefit, depending on the needs and maturity of the selected project :

  • a €10,000 grant;
  • the availability of a testers’ community at the Stadium Lille Métropole, which could also be used as a showroom in a second phase;
  • an individual technological coaching;
  • a linking with possible partners, necessary for industrialization;
  • a service to facilitate marketing of the product/solution (identification of prospects / canvassing of customers).

Selection Criteria

The projects must fall at least under one of these 4 themes: health sport, esport, connected stadium and performance sport.

Project developers shall demonstrate in particular :

  • The economic and commercial potential of the solution;
  • The relevance of the project in terms of technology and uses;
  • The technical feasibility and maturity of the project;
  • The integration of the Stadium as a testing place for the solution / product.


  • Call for projects launching
  • Application files submission deadline
  • Full application files submission deadline
  • Presentation to selection committee
  • Winning projects announcement
  • Launch tests & prototypes at the Stadium

February 03, 2020
May 22, 2020
June 26, 2020
September 2020
October 2020
October 2020

Information of the call for projects

The information folder of the call for project is available below :

To apply, you shall fill in an expression of interest file and send it in PDF format no later than midnight on 22 May to the following address  :

For more information, please send your questions to :

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